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1. Basin Stone walk Todmorden

2. Basin Stone walk Todmorden

3. Basin Stone walk Todmorden

4. Basin Stone walk Todmorden

1. Sir John Cockroft

Known for their design of the Cockroft-Walton Multiplier (1932) during a period when they were working in Rutherfords Physics Dept at Manchester University. The multiplier was a method of producing the very high voltage necessary to accelerate particles to a high energy level. It enabled them to cause fission (splitting of the atom). And this was the fundamental knowledge which later resulted in the controlled Atomic reaction by Fermi at Chigago University in the late thirties.

2. Sir John Cockroft

The home of Cockroft during his early years 2-27 years old. He was 33 when he discovered nuclear fission and probably living closer to the University.

Laser 2000 sailing during the Optimist Nationals -Pwlheli Aug 2008

1GHz DDS AD9912 assembly.This DDS gives an very clean output and is a significant advance in DDS

Robin (image quality reduced from original). © David Wrigley 2014

Wood pigeon


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